Our Policy

Instructions for students

  • Ikhlaas is the essence of your good deeds. Be sincere and start learning for the good pleasure of Allah (SWT) and to increase your status in Jannah. This way your Islamic Classes will bring more reward for you.
  • We expect that you will co-operate with your teachers and will be regular in your classes.
  • We expect that the students practice their lessons and do the Home Work assigned by the teachers. It increases your knowledge and ability to learn.
  • We expect that you will not keep your teacher waiting and will come online in time.
  • Please contact your teacher or admin in order to reschedule or cancel your class. Or for any queried etc.

Instructions for Parents

  • Parents/guardians are expected to co-operate with us by enforcing regularity and discipline and by seeing that their children or wards prepare their lessons.    
  • Parents, who seek instructions or wish to get advice regarding their children’s progress, check attendance, reschedule the classes or check payments record should consult the Admin.    
  • The teacher is supposed to work hard, come online in time, give full time to you, etc. If you ever experienced a drawback in the quality of services,
  • Please feel free to inform us through Call, SMS or Email our Given All kind of contact Sources any time

Makeup Classes

  • A student can request to make up the class if he/she is not able to make a regular class. Please inform us, at least, a day early, we do not entertain same day request for a makeup class.
  • We do not offer more than 10% make classes in a given subscription month.
  • The student will not be eligible for any makeup class if the student misses his / her class as per given schedule. An official request requires for exceptional circumstances. (Makeup classes expire within subscription month billing cycle).
  • We will not offer makeup classes for religious holidays such as EID-ul-Fitr and EID-ul-Adha or any others (Highlights by official).


  • Student drops the course before the course starts to date. Full refund of the amount paid.
  • Student drops after first class than 50% of the amount paid.
  • The student needs a month off.  A request should be made one business week early to process our accounting. We try to provide same time and teacher but we do not guarantee this.